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THE PROTECTOR is coming next week!

Often, I’ll tell you that ‘reviewers are loving this’ tale, or something like that when I’m promoting a pre order, but in this case, even I’m greatly encouraged by the responses from the advanced reviewers. This book is written a little differently than most because I had to show that the romance in it had history, so I hoped I’d handled it right. As it turns out, that seems to be what readers are loving about this. On NetGalley, where the book can be reviewed in advance, normally the reviewers tend to be more detail oriented at, at times, more critical. Five stars is the highest rating, and most of the time, I get mostly five stars mixed with a few four or even three. But The Protector has been all five stars from the beginning. I hope that means you’ll give it five stars, too!

Fox de Merest,our hero, has quite a secret… and we find out what, exactly, that is. But even the secret has a secret! Secrets abound in this book. It’s a rip-roaring adventure with passion, romance, bad guys, and battles –and a super sexy hero we absolutely love!

This one will also be in Kindle Unlimited on release day! But if you’d like to buy it, then reserve your copy today!