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The Splendid Hour – a Splendid book!


The advanced reviews are coming in for THE SPLENDID HOUR and so far, it’s a hit! 

"What do you get when you mix Politics + Religion + Love ? A Out of this World book by Le Veque! She  has written another sumptuous Executioner Knights book that has some of the old Executioners making appearances that will excite you as usual!" - Netgalley reviewer

I think this is an important book to read for lovers of Medieval Romance because it touches on a religion in Medieval times other than Christianity – the heroine of the novel is Jewish. I’ve mentioned before that the research was quite interesting and, at times, surprising – surprising because during this period in history, the Jews of London enjoyed a peaceful relationship with the king. King John couldn’t get along with his own warlords, but he and the Jews got along well. It was all financial on the king’s part, but still, they knew a measure of peace during his reign. Read more about Liora and the Jews of London in THE SPLENDID HOUR – and read about her scorching romance with Peter de Lohr!

Make sure you’ve got your copy reserved – June 24th will be here before you know it!