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The Trident Legacy – SSS (seriously sexy SEALs)

As the author of 57 Medieval novels – which take up the majority of my writing time – it’s really great fun to write a story not set in Medieval times. I can actually write about things that have been invented since the 14th century! Ha! So, when the opportunity to write a Navy SEAL novella came up, you know I jumped on it. I had so, so much fun writing THE IMMORTAL SEA because the hero is a secondary character in NIGHTHAWK. Kerk le Sander is that character, a man who is immortal because he’s actually the son of Poseidon. Bringing Kerk into the present day was so cool because I actually have a scene in the novella where he’s trying to help people evacuate and he’s taking heavy enemy fire. A battle scene! You know how much I love those. This novella is one of those books that will just make you smile at the end because it’s an HEA that is so profound – an immortal who finally falls in love. I won’t give away the twist, but trust me when I tell you that you’re going to want to read this. Even if you don’t like contemporary romance, trust me on this – read it! For .99 cents, you really can’t go wrong!

The Trident Legacy drops on March 28 so you have 9 days to reserve your copy (but you can always buy a copy on March 28 and after!).

Enjoy this novella duet with NYT Bestselling author Sharon Hamilton! I promise you will love it!!

B & N

And what else is next after this? TWO releases in April – The Forbidden Highlands and Vestiges of Valor. Two more things you absolutely won’t want to miss, and I think you’re going to adore Vestiges of Valor. That novel turned into a roller coaster of a ride, so buckle up before you read it. No joke. If you haven’t reserved your copy of either of these coming publications, then do so. They’re both still .99 cents, so essentially you’re getting 11 books for less than $3 to reserve all three of these coming collections and novels. And let’s not forget WARWOLFE! Wow, that one is going to be EPIC. With a capital “E”. That one is still only .99 cents in pre order, too, so who else gives you 12 freaking books for less than $5? I DO!! You can find all of the links on my blog page – easy,peasy!

Get them all today!!