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With Dreams Only of You – coming soon!!

WITH DREAMS ONLY OF YOU will be coming up very soon – we’re less than two months away from the launch and I have to tell you that the collection is AMAZING.  The story of the cursed Gladius transcends nearly two thousand years, starting with the Roman who originally owned it and then coming into the possession of the de Reyne family.  Medieval, Highlander, Tudor, Georgian, Regency, and into the modern day with the Legend of the Theodosia Sword… it’s a truly unique concept and six fabulous segments to comprise the legend.

The collection is currently on pre-order on iBooks and coming soon to Amazon, so you will absolutely not want to miss this collection. Here’s a sneak peak at a section of the opening prologue. Enjoy!!


“The moon will be full this night,” he said softly.  “It will be very bright when it finally rises.”

Those were ominous words, echoing gently in the dark, dank confines of the barracks. The man he spoke to was a younger man, handsome, and an excellent fighter.  He was rarely without his sword in hand, his gladius, and in fact had been busily working on the blade for several days. Using a very sharp chisel, one he’d taken from the smithy shack, he had evidently been writing something into the blade of the sword.  It had occupied nearly his every waking moment.

When the young cohort didn’t reply immediately, Quintus turned his attention away from the dying commander to see what he was doing.  Still, he was chiseling away at his blade.  Whatever he was doing, he was quite determined to finish it.

“Lucius?” Quintus asked. “Did you hear me? The moon will be full tonight.”

Lucius Maximus Aentillius glanced up at his older friend. “I heard you.”

Quintus watched the man as he continued to etch on the forged steel blade. “It will be as bright as the sun,” he said, a hint of defeat in his tone. “They will come tonight, you know. They will finish the job.”

Lucius didn’t look up from his task. “Why would you say that?”

“Because if it was me, I would wait for the full moon so that I could see clearly as I overrun the fort.”

Lucius’ etching slowed as thoughts of a full moon and thousands of Otadini filled his brain. “I was thinking the same thing,” he said quietly. “But I wanted to hear your confirmation. There is nothing we can do other than defend until the death. And I would suggest remaining here in the barracks. If we spread out and try to defend the entire fort, they will pick us off one by one.”

Quintus was shaking his head even as his friend was speaking. He looked up at the roof of the barracks, the wooden and peat cover over their heads. “This place is indefensible,” he said. “They will try to light the roof on fire and burn it down over our heads.”

“Then what would you suggest?”

Quintus didn’t say anything and Lucius finally looked up at him. When their eyes met, Lucius could see the makings of surrender in the dark-circled eyes.

“Would you rather die by a savage’s axe or by my sword?” Quintus asked softly. “I can assure your death will be quick and relatively painless. The Otadini will make sport of you while you are still alive.”

Lucius knew that. He struggled with that sobering thought, turning his attention back to his gladius.  He ran his fingers over the blade, now with words etched into it.

“I had hoped to see my wife again,” he whispered. “You have heard me speak of Theodosia.”


Want to read more?  Make sure to get your copy of WITH DREAMS ONLY OF YOU. You won’t want to miss it!!