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WolfeLord has arrived!

Release Day is here for WolfeLord and I’m so, so excited about it! First things first – run right out and grab your copy now:





But let me tell you a little bit about it…

This was a difficult book to write for a lot of reasons. It’s a very, very different storyline. That’s one reason. The heroine isn’t the wife of the hero until the end of the book. But I was also dealing with two of my greatest families – de Wolfe and de Lohr – and a situation that could very easily end their long-standing alliance. I don’t want to give it away too much, but there’s a twist in the story you won’t see coming. It really complicates things.

We have the usual fun characters, too, to lighten it up a little. Watch for little Atticus de Wolfe. I think he needs a good spanking, but the de Wolfe men seem to think he’s pretty fun. I think the whole book is fun, so get ready to get sucked into an intriguing and difficult story, but ultimately, one that I hope you can’t put down.

Happy Reading!