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WolfeShield is here!!

What can I say? My latest and greatest de Wolfe Pack Gen book has arrived and it’s a whopper of a story, so make sure you grab your copy. You won’t want to miss William and Kieran… and then Blayth and our hero, Ronan. Sad story with a happy ending! Here’s the blurb:

Sometimes, men are impulsive in life and love. When Ronan de Wolfe, son of James de Wolfe (A Wolfe Among Dragons), marries young and impulsively, the consequences will prove to be disastrous when he meets the love of his life.

Will de Wolfe honor stand the test? Or will true love crush a man of good character?

Ronan de Wolfe, the mild-mannered but powerful son of James de Wolfe, married on a whim against the advice of his father and grandfather. He married into the powerful Northumberland de Grey family, a family that rivals the House of de Wolfe in both strength and wealth. Coerced by a cunning de Grey father, Ronan found himself married before he knew what happened.

The years pass. Ronan is married and miserable. His wife has lovers, shaming both houses. Children are born, but they are not Ronan’s. With some measure of peace on the England/Scotland borders, Ronan amuses himself in local tournaments to get away from his horrible home life. Along with his best friend, they enjoy celebrity status of the great tournament champions, but when his friend is mortally wounded and asks Ronan to take care of his pregnant wife, the situation changes drastically.

Ronan meets the woman he should have married.

Isabeth de Brito is a beautiful woman from a minor noble family. Pregnant with her dead husband’s child, she and Ronan form a strong friendship as he tends to her every need, but in Ronan’s case, it is much more. Friendship turns to love. When Ronan’s petty, foolish wife realizes Ronan is paying attention to another woman, innocent as it is, the claws come out. Her powerful family can ruin Isabeth and her family – permanently.

When Isabeth’s father is forced into finding Isabeth another husband, Ronan can only stand by and watch the woman he loves as she is courted by another man.

Will there be a happily ever after for Ronan and Isabeth? Or will Ronan have to watch his love marry another?

It’s another wild ride for de Wolfe Pack Generations.