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A new book collection – and a sneak peek at a coming novel!

Have I got a fun surprise – it’s the LASSES, LORDS, AND LOVERS collection, a brand-new bundle of some of my bestselling books PLUS a two-chapter bonus excerpt from a book I’ve never even really talked about – a surprise book called THE CHAMPION coming in 2020!

Who is The Champion, you ask? Beckett du Reims, the son of Dashiell and Belladonna from Godspeed. And the woman he has his eye on is none other than Bric MacRohan’s spoiled youngest daughter, Kira. This story is going to be a TON of fun, so get a good look at the excerpt in this bundle!

You’ll get four full-length novels plus the new-material excerpt for only .99 cents or read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited. No Kindle? Then get a FREE app and start reading on your device of choice!