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Steals and Deals! Get ’em!

Looking to fill up that Christmas Kindle? 

I’ve got a TON of book bundles and .99 cent pre orders out right now, so please make sure you have them ALL. Literally, we’re talking at least 16 books – 14 full length and 2 novellas – for $9.91 (if you purchase each set and pre order). That’s a steal AND a deal, so fill up that Kindle with some of my greatest stories, including most of the de Wolfe Pack series – or read all of these for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

No Kindle? Don’t fret! You can get a FREE Kindle app for your phone, tablet, or computer and start reading in minutes!

Go forth and click, click, click!!

Lasses, Lords, and Lovers boxed set including bonus never-before published except from THE CHAMPION

Border Brides boxed set – four full length books

The Red Highlanders boxed set – four full-length Scottish-themed books

Knights and Crusaders – FIVE full-length Medieval novels:

A de Russe Christmas Miracle novella

The Dark Lord’s First Christmas


The Promise – a GIANT adventure for only .99 cents in pre order:

By The Unholy Hand – another giant adventure that you are going to luv, luv, luv:


For $1.99 – over 3000 pages of Medieval Romance with 8 of the first books in the de Wolfe Pack series. Seriously! You can’t find a better deal anywhere!