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BattleWolfe is on pre order!

Andddddd… my July pre order has arrived. The lucky winner?


We’ll get to see the Original de Wolfe Pack in its prime – William, Paris, Kieran – all of them back on the field of battle. I had to work this story out very carefully because of the subject matter (nothing is worse than a hero cheating on the heroine), but let me be clear that anything to do with the hero of BattleWolfe happened well before William ever met Jordan. I think this story going to be a winner. Read the description and PRE ORDER!

A knight with a de Wolfe pedigree… as the bastard son of England’s greatest knight, William de Wolfe.

But he doesn’t know it… yet.

Warwick “War” Herringthorpe was born of a Northumberland de Percy daughter and the Wolfe of the Border, William de Wolfe, back in the days when William was a rising hero, unencumbered by marriage, free to do, and love, whom he so chooses. A brief relationship with Jane de Percy left Jane pregnant and William unaware of the situation. Jane’s father had bigger aspirations for his daughter than a mere knight and quickly married her to a much-older, titled husband who was willing to overlook her indiscretion.

Years later, War has returned to Northumberland as a royal knight, the garrison commander of mighty Bamburgh Castle as Simon de Montfort creates havoc throughout England. Heir to the earldom of Dersingham, War has made a name for himself as one of Henry’s fiercest knights. In a battle against de Monfort’s loyalists, the garrison at Bamburgh is joined by some of the most powerful families in the north – de Wolfe included.

De Wolfe allies who see Herringthorpe fight, including de Wolfe sons, swear there is a new force to be reckoned with in Northumberland. His gestures, movements, and appearance are all reminiscent of a young William de Wolfe.

And the rumors begin.

When War ends up in a skirmish against opportunistic Scots, he is gravely wounded and crawls from the battlefield to stay clear of deadly Scots. He is saved by a young Scotswoman whom he never expects to see again.He was wrong.Upon his mother’s death, War’s true father is revealed, plunging War into a world he doesn’t want to be part of. He learns to resent the Wolfe of the Border, who left his mother when she was pregnant, and so begins War’s quest to shame and dominate the greatest knight in England.

But there’s only one catch…The lovely Scotswoman who saved his life happens to be William’s kin.

Join War and Analeigh Scott as they navigate a romance that is as complex as it is beautiful, where family ties will be tried – and tested – and love is the ultimate glory.It’s the original de Wolfe Pack in their prime in this story of secrets, redemption, and sacrifice.