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More creative things on the way

I freely admit I mix up my release dates and novels – I am one of those writers who definitely writes when the muse sings.  If I get a big inspiration for a book due to be released in September, then I start working on it and make it my next release.  Most writers I know must feel some kind of inspiration to write – I call it ‘in the zone’, and I’m sure lot of writers do, too. It’s a term for when you are singularly focused on those characters and that storyline.  When I get like that, I’ve been known to write 18 hours a day. My husband has to make me get up and move around so I don’t get blood clots!

That being said, I’ve got several things I’m working on and the release dates will change in the next few days. It looks as if the Irish Medieval Romance, BLACK SWORD, will be up next.  Stay tuned because exciting things are coming!