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Kindle Countdown deal 1/21/14 – THE FALLEN ONE

THE FALLEN ONE is only .99 cents today and tomorrow, with the price increasing gradually until the deal ends on 1/25.  If you haven’t read this book, it’s an absolute MUST read. Mathias de Reyne was a knight for Roger Mortimer in his struggle for the throne against Edward III and when Mortimer fell, Mathias was stripped of his knighthood and forced into obscurity.  When a man loses all hope, the only thing that can save him – bring him hope – is often something to inspire him to rise above his trouble, and in this case, it happens to be the Lady Cathlina de Lara, cousin of the Earl of Carlisle, Tate de Lara.  If you’ve read the DRAGONBLAD TRILOGY, then you’ll already known half of the characters in this novel – Tate de Lara, Kenneth St. Hever, and Stephen of Pembury.  As it turns out, Mathias is an old friend of theirs and they want to see him restored as an honored knight as well.

Join the adventure of Mathias, Cathlina, and the Dragonblade boys in the fabulous Medieval Romance adventure of THE FALLEN ONE.