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Dark Moon is up for pre order!

This is a highly anticipated book! Finally, Gaston de Russe’s sons will have their stories told this year in Dark Moon, Dark Steel, and Dark Warrior! Trenton, Dane, and Cort de Russe will all have a spectacular adventure and an even better HEA!

DARK MOON is up first – this is Trenton’s book, and unfortunately for him, it’s not smooth sailing. This is such a great storyline and one you’re really going to enjoy. Trenton is a badass special ops knight for Henry VIII, a scary guy with a dark reputation. Gaston never wanted his son to follow in his footsteps and over the  years, it has resulted in an estrangement between them. When Trenton is called to his father’s seat of Deverill Castle, he happens to run into someone he’s known all  his life, Lysabel Wellesbourne, the eldest child of Matthew and Alixandrea.

Trenton hasn’t seen Lysabel in years and there’s a spark right off the bat, which upsets Matthew terribly. He does NOT want Trenton for his daughter, and it sets off a point of contention between Gaston and Matthew. Now, you KNOW what good friends these guys are, but when it comes to their children, loyalties will be tested.

Don’t miss this fabulous story, so make sure you have your copy pre-ordered! It’ll be a keeper! (Plus, it’s a super-hot cover!!)