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Dark Warrior and the end of an era…?

I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried while writing the last two chapters of Dark Warrior. As I was trying to type through my tears, my husband came into my office and said, “you killed another one, eh??”

He’s closer than he knows.

Gaston de Russe was my magnum opus. I really felt like he was my best hero and my best book. There is so much about him that is noble and powerful, yet vulnerable at the same time. His son, Cort, has those qualities. But unlike William de Wolfe and Christopher de Lohr, who both lived to a ripe old age, Gaston has been ill. That was established in Dark Moon, Trenton’s story, and we’ve seen it carry through two more books, and now three books in Dark Warrior.

Now, Gaston is really sick. What would Cort give to have five minutes with his dying father to say all he needs to say? You’ll have to read the story to find out. It’s just so beautiful and so bittersweet. I would say this story is as much about the relationship of father and son as it is a love story. Such an important story if you love the de Russe series, so you will absolutely not want to miss it. Is Gaston’s death scene in it? No. I promised I would never do that where a major hero is concerned. But… well, you’ll just need to read it.

It’s coming March 4, so a reminder to make sure your copy is reserved. Still only .99 cents!