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June 2023 Pre order is here – WOLFEBORN

And we have another pre order – this one for June 2023! Grab your copy of WOLFEBORN!!

Patrick de Wolfe’s (Nighthawk) youngest son, Titus, is front and center in this rip-roaring Medieval Romance that will have you on the edge of your seat!


When a de Wolfe mates, he mates for life. And when he falls for a woman, he falls harder than most. But when a scorned woman is involved, anything can happen…

And usually does.

Titus de Wolfe is the youngest of four talented and accomplished sons of the Earl of Berwick. On a visit to London on behalf of his father, Titus meets the woman who will change the course of his future.

Katiana de Edington is that woman.

Daughter of a very rich merchant, she’s not of the nobility. But she’s smart, educated, and vivacious, and undeniably beautiful. Titus is smitten. So smitten, in fact, that he marries Katiana without permission.

That’s when the trouble begins.

A local ally of de Wolfe has been counting on a marriage between his daughter and Titus. When news of Titus’ unexpected marriage is made known, the knives come out. Titus and Katiana should be enjoying their newly married life but instead, all of Berwick is now on the defensive against a powerful former ally. When the House of de Wolfe is sucked into the conflict between Edward II and Roger Mortimer, the former ally takes advantage of the distraction and Katiana becomes a captive. When word reaches Titus that his wife is a prisoner, he calls forth the de Wolfe Pack to save her… and seek revenge.

Wolves mate for life and Titus will risk his to seek justice for the woman he loves.

It’s an all-out battle in the north as the de Wolfe Pack goes to war.

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