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More sizes… because it DOES matter

I began to get some very quick and strong reaction to my last post when discussing the ‘sizes’ of my heroes. Some good-naturedly unhappy readers cried because I left off their favorites so, as not to leave anyone out and to make sure everyone is happy, I will continue with the discussion of height and weight of my heroes… find yours on the list and have some sweet dreams courtesy of me! 🙂

To continue….

Davyss de Winter: Hgt 6’3″ Weight 245

Gart Forbes:  Hgt 6’5″ weight 255

Sean de Lara: Hgt 6’3″ weight 240

Weston de Royans: Hgt 6’2″ weight 230

Tevin du Reims:  Hgt 6’3″ weight 255

Jax de Velt: Hgt 6″6′ weight 263

Alec Summerlin: Hgt 6′ 6″ weight 275

Creed de Reyne: Hgt 6’4″ weight 245

Garren le Mon: Hgt 6’2″ weight 230

Kirk Connaught: Hgt 6’4″ weight 252

Kenneth St. Hever: Hgt 6′ 3″ weight 255

Tate de Lara: Hgt 6′ 4″ weight 240

Richmond le Bec: 6′ 6″ weight 270

Bose de Moray: 6′ 4″ weight 240

Keir St. Hever: 6′ 3″ weight 225

Marcus Burton: 6′ 4″ weight 245


I don’t think I left anyone out of this but if I did, I’m sure my readers will let me know. Details like this somehow bring these men to life even more than they already are in their vivid novels and, yes, size DOES matter!

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  • BB2013
    Posted August 7, 2013 at 7:18 am

    I like your heroines and heroes just the way they are. This is fantasy for heaven’s sake.
    In reality I don’t live in the 1200s and I haven’t been petite since the 80s. When I day dream there isn’t a 6 foot man, in his late 50s, with several spare tires, glasses and more hair on his chest than on his head in sight.
    You just keep on writing and I’ll gladly go to where ever your imagination takes me.

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