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What moves me

You, as a reader, might be wondering what inspires me. What moves me, as it were, into writing novels that are not a typical romance.  Sure, the formula to a certain extent has to be the same  – boy and girl meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after, but what happens during the time they meet, fall in love, and then eventually live happily ever after is what constitutes a great read or a mediocre read.  So what moves me? Simple. I write what I like to read. Anytime an author starts writing for the reader, that’s when things fall apart and I’ll tell you why – because each reader is different. What one reader likes, another may not. Therefore, all authors write for themselves, what they would like to read in essence.  And that’s exactly what I do.

Oh, I know I get flack sometimes for having massive heroes and small, pretty heroines. So you really want to read about a skinny, short hero and his Amazon leading lady? I think not.  Sure, my guys are big and tall, but be honest – wouldn’t you rather read about a big handsome guy than some average Joe? I would.  And that’s why my guys are ginormous and my girls are petite and pretty.  Shall we get into the meat of things? Height and weight of some of my most popular heroes (you know you want to know this):

Gaston de Russe:  Hgt 6’8″ Weight 285 lbs

William de Wolfe: Hgt 6’5″ Weight 257 lbs

Stephen of Pembury:  Hgt 6’7″ Weight 270 lbs

Maddoc du Bois: Hgt 6′ 4″ Weight 245 lbs

Rhys du Bois: Hgt 6’3″ Weight 240 lbs

Christopher de Lohr: Hgt 6’4″ Weight 260 lbs

David de Lohr: Hgt 6’0″ Weight 215 lbs

Braxton de Nerra: Hgt 6’0″ Weight 220 lbs

Brandt de Russe: Hgt 6″ 6′ Weight 265 lbs

Matthew Wellesbourne: Hgt 6’5″ Weight 255 lbs

Kieran Hage: Hgt 6’5″ Weight 260 lbs

Dennis d’Vant (my newest hero, novel drop date 8/17) Hgt 6’6″ Weight 270 lbs


I’m thinking about having trading cards made for each knight, like baseball trading cards, with all of their stats on it. I’ll let you know if I decide to go through with that idea.  In any case, what moves me? I think you can figure it out – big guys, great stories, real historical events, and a seamless blending of action and romance.  I hope that moves you, too.

Oh, and my husband’s height and weight? Hgt. 5’7 inches Weight 175. 🙂  He’s a shorty compared to those I write about. Don’t tell him I told you!