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My musings as I write the grandsons of William de Wolfe

This year, I’ll be writing the stories of some of William de Wolfe’s grandsons. Yes, they’re Jordan’s grandsons, too, but the paternal line is strong with the de Wolfe boys, so I just refer to them as William’s grandsons.

I don’t think Jordan would mind… 🙂

This is basically a new series, so it’s been eye-opening to plot it out. William and Jordan had a whole lotta kids, and there was a big spread between the older ones and the younger ones, but there was also a spread between the grandsons of the older boys – Scott, Troy, Patrick and James. They all got married at different times and had their children at fairly wide intervals.

And I figured out a few (funny) things –

For example: we know that Scott and Troy married Athena and Helene de Norville, respectively. Scott and Troy were a few years older than their wives – by my calculations, they hooked up with those de Norville girls when they were really young. Andreas, Troy’s son, was born in 1255 A.D., meaning he impregnated Helene when she was about fifteen or sixteen. Not unusual back then to have such a young mother (Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII, was 13 years old when she gave birth to him), but I’d sure like to be the fly on the wall when Paris de Norville figured out that Troy bedded his teenage daughter before they were married. Ha! Can you imagine how that man would have reacted? And William would have had to protect Troy? Maybe I’ll write that scene someday, just for the heck of it!

More interesting facts about writing the next generation de Wolfe Pack – in the novel, The Best is Yet To Be, Paris and Jemma are super-old. Paris is in his 90’s and Jemma is in her 80’s, meaning these folks won’t be in a couple of the de Wolfe Gen stories because the grandchildren were born when they were much older. Already, with the first book, WOLFEHEART, William and Paris have since passed away and Jordan and Jemma are the only ones of that generation left. Sad, but true. But in other books of the Gen world, William and Paris will be alive and well because the stories will take place earlier in the timeline.

I love fiction!!

WOLFEHEART is a younger man/older woman romance and I’m already having a blast with it. Markus de Wolfe, eldest son of Patrick, is very much his father’s son… and there’s a cougar in Northern England who has gone on the hunt for a de Wolfe cub. Rawr. Just sayin’…

Don’t miss this one, so make sure you have your copy reserved!