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New things in the pipeline

I call the novels I’m working on ‘the pipeline’ because, as in a pipeline, things come in a straight line and one at a time.  I’ve got a really backed-up pipeline with lots of good things coming!

What to expect this year?

Lots of Medieval Madness.  Lord of War: Black Angel is coming, plus another novel I haven’t publicized much – Knightfall. This is one of those older ones that has missing chapters from that now-infamous crashed hard drive. I never thought this novel would see the light of day but I have a group of faithful critics who read what I had, loved it, and encouraged me to reconstruct the missing chapters.  When I re-read it Knightfall again, after many years of having not seen it, I was reminded just how good a story it was. As we all know, I do like my epics. Knightfall isn’t exactly an epic, but it’s a very richly woven tale that I need to do some work on. I think the results will be well worth the wait. Look for Knightfall towards August/September.

What else is coming? If you’ve seen my release dates, then you have a pretty good idea. I’m still toying with Echoes of Ancient Dreams because it’s a time-travel having to do with ancient Ireland, so I’m not sure I’m going to prioritize that one over Lord of Souls, which is the next book in The Titans series. People have  been BEGGING for the next book in the series, so I’m pretty sure I will be working on that one this fall.

Moral of the story here: check my Release Dates page OFTEN.  It can – and does – change frequently as I work hard to get my novels out to my wonderful readers!