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A Wolfe Among Dragons: Sons of de Wolfe

"James died in Papa's arms ~ " Penelope de Wolfe from SERPENT Get ready for perhaps the greatest de Wolfe adventure yet....

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About the Book

“James died in Papa’s arms ~ “ Penelope de Wolfe from SERPENT

Get ready for perhaps the greatest de Wolfe adventure yet….

The sons of William de Wolfe (The Wolfe) are immortal, so they say. Men who are known as ShadowWolfe… DarkWolfe… Nighthawk… are as legendary as their father. The eldest four sons – Scott, Troy, Patrick, and James have always run in a pack. They are all to each other, in both brotherhood and in strength. But in 1282 A.D., James de Wolfe, the endearing and gentle brother, is killed in Wales as the Welsh rebel against Henry III.

… or was he?

Tales of a Welsh warrior known as Blaidd Cryf, or Blayth the Strong, are making way to English ears along the Welsh Marches. It’s 1286 A.D., and a Welsh warrior who can somehow read the minds of the English armies is rising to power among the last princes of Wales. With Blayth leading the Welsh armies, the English are being handed defeat after defeat. No one knows who Blayth is, or where he’s come from, but the English warlords are coming to realize that they will lose Wales once and for all if Blayth and his brilliant tactics aren’t stopped.

No one seems to realize that Blayth (the phoenetic pronunciation for Blaidd, meaning wolf in Welsh) may be the most deadly warrior Wales – and England – has ever seen.

Bhrodi de Shera, the hereditary King of Anglesey and husband to Penelope de Wolfe de Shera, youngest daughter of William de Wolfe, has no real grasp of who Blayth the Strong really is. An icon for his people, Bhrodi has been instrumental in helping the Welsh and English peacefully co-exist, and he very much wants all of Wales to know peace with England, but with Blayth leading a resurgence of rebellion along the border, Bhrodi seeks to meet with Blyth to discover who this man is and what he truly wants – a fractured Wales? Or is he determined to unit Wales under his rule?

When Blayth finally appears at Bhrodi’s stronghold of Rhydillian Castle, his identity is shrouded in mystery. It is said that the English, if they discover him, will execute him without question, so Blayth is well protected by his contingent of teulu. But when Penelope catches of a glimpse of the man who has single-handedly caused a resurgence of Welsh rebellion, she can hardly believe her eyes.

Lazarus has indeed arisen – and her brother, James, is back from the dead.

Discover the epic adventure of A Wolfe among Dragons, a tale of mystery, of hope, and most of all, of romance and redemption. When a dead son returns, it can be the greatest of joys and the deepest of tragedies. A Wolfe Among Dragons is truly a story for the ages.

Series: De Wolfe Pack, Book 9
Genre: Medieval Romance
Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.
Publication Year: 2018
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