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Highland Born

Welcome to the brand-new Highlander Medieval Romance series, Lucifer’s Legion, with the launch of Book One, HIGHLAND BORN!

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About the Book

Welcome to the brand-new Highlander Medieval Romance series, Lucifer’s Legion, with the launch of Book One, HIGHLAND BORN!

Every family has legends behind it, but no family more than the Dun Tarh clan.

Tucked deep in the highlands of Scotland and relatives to the MacKenzie clan, the dun Tarh family is said to have been spawned from the lost Roman legion, the elite Ninth Hispania. For generations, the family was known for their dark men, quick to temper, fierce fighters with comely looks. They were greatly respected in the highlands until Lares Rayan dun Tahr became the head of the family, a former priest who had fallen from grace.

Lucifer, they called him.

And his sons were known as Lucifer’s Highland Legion.

Aurelius dun Tarh is the eldest son of what many consider Lares’ unholy union. Highlander born but English trained because of his English mother, Aurelius is a man of two worlds. Enormous and powerful, he is the first of many handsome brothers and it’s no secret that there is probably more than one dun Tarh bastard roaming about the highlands.

For all of his talent and power, however, Aurelius is a man of discontent. His English grandfather insists he fight in France for Edward III and Aurelius finds himself fighting alongside men who should be his enemy, but men he nonetheless shares an alliance with.

A man of two worlds, indeed.

As a reward for his performance at the Battle of Crecy, Aurelius is presented with a bride from one of the great English warlords. The Earl of Bridlington has no male heirs and he wants Aurelius. Unable to protest, Aurelius finds himself betrothed to one of the richest heiresses in England… and absolutely hating it.

Valery de Leybourne, daughter of Bridlington, doesn’t like the idea of being married to a highlander, either. A spitfire of a woman, Aurelius learns that aspect of her personality the hard way. He further realized that he may very well enjoy this marriage because Valery and her spark entertains him to no end. But before the marriage can take place, an explosive family secret is revealed that might possibly ruin both families…

And it has nothing to do with Aurelius or Valery, but it could very well mean their end.

Grab your box of tissues for an epic adventure of romance, mystery, and the true meaning of love in this stunning beginning to a great new Historical Romance series!

Tropes: Enemies to lovers, family secrets, a rogue’s redemption

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Series: Highland Legion, Book 1
Genre: Medieval Romance
Tag: Featured New Releases
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