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The Thunder Warrior: A Medieval Romance (Lords of Thunder: The de Shera Brotherhood Trilogy Book 2)

Maximus de Shera meets his wife in the most peculiar of circumstances... and hilarity ensues!

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About the Book

Maximus de Shera meets his wife in the most peculiar of circumstances… and hilarity ensues!

1258 A.D. – Simon de Montfort is amassing a parliament whereupon King Henry and Simon will all have equal representation.

As the politics in this difficult time begin to gain speed, Maximus de Shera, the consummate warrior and middle brother of the de Shera brother trio, has something very unexpected happen to him. In the midst of the political turmoil, he finds love in the daughter of a de Montfort supporter.

Lady Courtly Love de Lara is no ordinary woman – she is strong, wise, reasonable, and resourceful as well as being blindingly beautiful. As Maximus’ brothers become sucked in deeper to de Montfort’s intrigue, the strongest brother of all is distracted by a beautiful lady. The lady’s father, however, is opposed to Maximus’ suit and makes every effort to send his daughter far away where Maximus cannot find her. When Maximus is needed most in the struggle against Henry III, The Thunder Warrior is off on a quest of his own to locate, and marry, the woman he loves and do battle against a man he once considered an ally.

Deep passion, family betrayal, family honor, grief, and a powerful love story culminate in Book Two of the Lords of Thunder Trilogy.

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Series: Lords of Thunder, Book 2
Genre: Medieval Romance
Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
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