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It’s an all-out battle on the Scottish Marches as the de Wolfe Pack is called to war, the prize being Andreas’ very life.

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About the Book

Andreas de Wolfe is the second-eldest de Wolfe grandchild. Son of Troy, he has inherited his father’s comely looks, his aggression, and his talent with a sword. The man is born for battle. But he is picky when it comes to women, the reason he’s not yet married. Unfortunately, when he does fall for a woman, Andreas sets himself up for a hell of a situation… and it could cost him everything.

It’s an all-out battle on the Scottish Marches as the de Wolfe Pack is called to war, the prize being Andreas’ very life.

Having been sent to London on business, Andreas de Wolfe finds himself in a unique position when his task is finished – leisure time. Seeking a diversion, he ends up in a mysterious underground gambling establishment that is full of scandalous, and dangerous, behavior. Those who enter must wear masks and names are never to be revealed. Anonymity prevails.

Enter Gavriella de Leia.

A beautiful young woman with a tortured past, Gavriella is brought to the gambling establishment by her ribald cousins. In her haste to find an exit from the terrible place, she runs into Andreas, who can see through the mask to the frightened young lady beyond. He calms her and an easy flirtation develops. Not even the masks can conceal the powerful attraction building between them. They make a date to discover the truth about one another, but Gavriella never shows up.

Andreas returns home, despondent.

Three months later, Andreas is called with the de Wolfe army to defend a lesser ally from a vicious enemy and Andreas realizes the daughter of the ally is, in fact, his beloved mystery woman. Her father is a long-time ally riddled with madness, and Gavriella is out of her element trying to handle his affairs. Andreas wants to know why she never showed up that day in London, but the truth is more than he bargained for.

In fact, there is something much more sinister afoot.

The truth behind Gavriella is far darker than Andreas could have imagined and he soon finds himself swept up in the horror she is linked to. In the lowlands of Scotland a devil lives, one that wants Gavriella for his very own and will stop and nothing to get her.

It’s all swords on deck to help Andreas save the only woman he has ever loved… or die trying.

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Series: de Wolfe Pack Generations, Book 4
Genre: Medieval Romance
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