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Peter de Lohr’s story is finally here – The Splendid Hour!

Sooo excited!!! 

If you read Rise of the Defender, then you know that Peter de Lohr is Christopher de Lohr’s bastard son – a child he never even knew about until Peter was about 9 years of age. Poor Peter loses his mother and comes to live with Christopher and Dustin, and Dustin loves the boy as if he were her very own. And if you’ve read the Executioner Knights series, then you know that grown-up Peter is an agent for William Marshal. Big, powerful, handsome.. a true de Lohr!

Now – finally – Peter’s story is coming! Here’s the blurb:

When religion and politics don’t meet, it’s an explosion that could tear the Executioner Knights – and England – apart forever…

Peter de Lohr is the illegitimate son of the greatest knight in the realm, though he has been accepted by his father. Not only accepted – embraced. Peter is well-loved by everyone, an enormous and powerful knight in the image of his famous sire.

He is also an Executioner Knight, and one of the very best. A great marriage is expected of him, it is presumed, to the daughter of a high-placed warlord. Everything is planned.

Until he meets Liora ben Thad.

Petite, raven-haired and blue-eyed, Liora is the exquisite and glamorous daughter of a very prosperous goldsmith. She is also a Jewess, her father being a jeweler to the king. It is a time of great prosperity for the Jews of London, with King John being surprisingly fair to them, far more equitable than to some of his own barons.

When Peter sees Liora, all other women – and quite possibly his plans for the future – cease to exist.

But that comes at a price.

The high-placed warlord and his daughter will not go quietly and they certainly will not relinquish a prize like Peter de Lohr to a woman of lesser social status. So begins a plot to separate Peter from Liora, a sinister plan that will threaten the House of de Lohr and the Executioner Knights… and everything they believe in.

One that puts Peter right in the line of fire.

Will two cultures, and two religions, and a royal order keep Peter and Liora apart?

Or will their love find a way?

Watch the Executioner Knights take sides in this delicious – and unusual – love story.


Go forth and reserve your copy! (Nook will go live soon!)