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The Splendid Hour Pre order – now with Nook! Also – WOLFEBLADE!!!

Don’t forget that WOLFEBLADE will be here before you know it – two weeks!! Gah!!

This is a BIG book – one of the bigger books I’ve written over the past couple of years – so it’s chock-full of de Wolfe goodness and I know you’re going to love, love, LOVE it. There is sooo much happening in this book – Medieval fun, craziness, and a little bit scary! It’s a feast for the mind and Andreas may have the best de Wolfe Pack Generations story of them all, so make sure your copy is reserved!









The Splendid Hour is on pre order now, in-full, with a Nook link finally joining the bunch. It’s available on all platforms now, so make sure you have your copy RESERVED!! June 17 is the date for Peter de Lohr’s story to finally be told!!