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❤️❤️A new pre order is here! LION OF HEARTS!!❤️❤️

Wow, what a book!! Check out the blurb:

What happens when a man has fallen for the wrong woman… and the right woman comes along?

Myles de Lohr is about to find out.

Welcome to another epic Medieval Romance with the sons of Christopher de Lohr!

As the humorless, sometimes taciturn middle de Lohr brother, Myles is all-knight, all-the-time. The man couldn’t crack a smile to save his life and something like romance is completely out of his wheelhouse. Love has never crossed his mind until he meets a woman who sweeps him off his feet.

Or, so he thinks.

Unfamiliar with the difference between love and lust, Myles is convinced he is in love with Lady Aviara, an epic flirt. Enter Myles’ cousin, Oliver de Grey. As the Earl of Ilchester, Oliver views Aviara as a prize and steals her out from under Myles’ nose. As Aviara becomes Lady Ilchester, Myles is convinced his life is over and he has lost everything.

Until he meets Veronica de Wolviston.

Veronica’s father was a much-sought-after cartographer and a vassal of Myles’ father, Christopher de Lohr. When Edgar de Wolviston passes away, he leaves a note asking Christopher to escort his daughter to her betrothed. With Myles in turmoil after losing the lady he lusted after, Christopher orders his muddled son to take Veronica north and deliver her to her betrothed, hoping the trip will clear his son’s head.

Surely no two people in this history of the world have ever made more miserable traveling companions.

And that is the start of an unexpected – but eye-opening – revelation for Myles when it comes to the bookish, brilliant Veronica. Join the star-crossed couple on a journey for the ages, where the understanding of friendship and love are something both of them must learn from one another, where loyalty and honor mean more than lust and instant gratification, and where the growth of true and deep love is something that comes from the very soul. None of that is more evident when Myles is unexpectedly presented with the choice between the woman he lusted after and Veronica. Then, he has an epiphany.

It’s a decision that only his heart can make… when the heart of a lion is the biggest heart of all.

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