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The Red Highlanders Collection with an excerpt from BAY OF FEAR!

Autumn is here and so is a great new collection!

The Red Highlanders Collection contains four of my bestselling books, including my two ‘red’ Scotsmen – The Red Fury and The Red Lion. Are they related? No. I just happened to like red-haired men, especially from Scotland, and I hope you do, too! The collection also contains Deep Into Darkness, a spooky story based on the poem, ‘The Raven’, by Edgar Allan Poe. Fun stuff!

Also in this collection is an excerpt from Bay of Fear, my October 26 release, so grab your copy of The Red Highlanders Collection for only .99 cents or read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!  No Kindle? Easy!! You can get a FREE Kindle app for your phone, tablet, or computer, and start reading right away. The free app is literally on every single book page on Amazon, so just click on the link below and not only will it take you to the collection page, but it will also take you to a free app link!

Happy Reading!