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THE RED LION for your TBR pile!

Why should you read THE RED LION? Because it’s a different book. It’s a hell of a lot of fun. My books run the spectrum of serious to very serious (sometimes) to sad (yes, I’ve done those, too) to a little lighter, to downright funny. This book is one of those downright funny books, at times, but there is some seriousness in it because, well, Medieval times were serious! And deadly!

Jamison Munro is our hero – they call him The Red Lion and he’s the leader of a pack of clan chief sons from the highlands who call themselves the Lions of the Highlands (yes, there will be a series coming next year about this). Jamison is a big, red-headed warrior, handsome – and he knows it. The ego on this man! But it makes for some fun times.  Then he meets up with Lady Havilland, our heroine, and she’s been fighting as a warrior for a few years. She’s a tough cookie. Jamison doesn’t appreciate her. She doesn’t appreciate him. (insert nuclear blast here).

It’s great fun and passion to come!

Therefore, make sure you have your copy reserved. THE RED LION releases October 4, so make sure to get your copy. As I always say – go forth and CLICK!! Amazon iBooks B & N Kobo