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Yet another September pre order! Grab it!

How about another pre order for a Medieval Gothic beauty?!

If you’ve read de Wolfe Pack Generations, then you’ve met Atreus and Hermes de Norville, grandsons of Paris de Norville. These are the two brothers who are constantly fighting one another to the chagrin (and hilarity) of their family. I love writing about those two – what a hoot they are.

But all young men grow up. Atreus had his story told last year in NEVERMORE (part of The Midnight Hour Halloween anthology), and now it’s up for pre order as a stand-alone novella and a must-have addition to your Le Veque library. Both Atreus and Hermes’ books will release on the same day – September 22 – so make sure you have them both for loads of excellent Gothic reading!

Here’s the blurb:

Welcome to a Gothic Medieval Romance novella sure to thrill and chill!

An abbey rooted in local legend.

A nun fearful for her life.

And a Mother Abbess who rules by Satan’s right hand.

Can Atreus de Norville save the woman he loves from the clutches of evil?

Mariana de Allerston was committed to the cloister of Whitby Abbey by her father who deemed her incorrigible for a tryst with a stable servant. For a noble family, that was a deeply shameful thing. They trusted that the nuns of Whitby would cure their daughter’s craving for unworthy flesh. But what Mariana’s father didn’t realize was that Whitby Abbey was under the control of a demon.

The Mother Abbess, formerly known as Gunilda Dunsley.

Enter Atreus de Norville. From the powerful de Norville family of Northwood Castle, a chance encounter with the lovely and fragile Mariana proved to be love at first sight for Atreus. Two years of wooing the postulate under the nose of the Mother Abbess has brought them to this point. On this very night, they intended to run away together and be married.

But the Mother Abbess knows of the plans.

Death awaits Mariana, though she does not know it yet. When she does not show up at the appointed place and time to meet Atreus, it is up to Atreus to locate – and save – Mariana before the Mother Abbess buries yet one more young woman alive, covering years of failure, evil, and greed.

Will Atreus be in time?

Read this heart-pounding tale for FREE in KINDLE UNLIMITED!!

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